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      Unbeatable Prices!

      Fabric Sofas & LoveSeats (Available with Matching Chairs or Recliners)

         Sofas come in three major sizes. The full sofa is 84 in (2.13 m) wide to 103".

      Smaller versions like the two-seater and love seat range between 60-80 in (1.52-2.03 m).

      Variations on the standard sofa include modular items and sofas with special uses such as

      daybeds or Convertible sofa beds.

      Ornamental designs are not necessarily less durable, but they do not invite casual use.

      The design of a sofa can be adjusted to the use that will be made of it, and the average size

      of the people who will use it most.

      A deep seat, for instance, is good for taller people

      but does not easily accommodate shorter individuals.

      The style of a sofa is generally set by its arms, which double as artistic statements and rests.

      Some styles of seating furniture are known by the names of these arm designs.

      The overstuffed sofa is called that in the trade in order to indicate the use of more than

      one layer of muslin in the foundation.

      Frames have been tested to GSA government standards. Corners are glued, blocked and stapled

      Seats and back spring rails are cut from 7/8” hardwood. Stripes and patterns are match cut

      Cushion cores are constructed of low melt fiber wrapped over high quality foam

       All fabrics pre-approved for wearability and durability against AHMA standards

      Available Fabrics: Linen, Polyester, Cotton, Durapella Microfiber/Plush*

      *DURAPELLA™ DURAPLUSH™ Microfiber are trademarks of Ashley Furniture Industries®

      With a simple zipper located in the "Comfort Zone" adjustable cushions, we have given YOU the power to adjust the level of comfort desired

      Open the easily accessible zipper located under the back cushions, you have the option to remove or add Polyester fiber fill to create  soft or firm 

      Relax within your own personal comfort zone thanks to the "Comfort Zone" adjustable cushions! (selected models only)

      Club, Accent, Occasional Chairs & Ottomans are available for most of these selections

      You make the choice, adding years to the life of your sofa!

      Read more.....Behind the Scenes: How a Quality Sofa is Made!


      Model 176 Lime

      Model 758

      Model 166 Pewter

      Model 166 Beige

      Model 165 Dark Blue

      Model 165 Lime Green

      Model 164

      Model 162

      Model 160 Brown

      Model 160 Beige

      Model 145 Faux leather

      Model 140

      Model 133

      Model 130

      Model 119

      Model 110

      Model 107

      Model 102

      Model 101

      Model 894

         Model 893


      Model 843

      Model 842

      Model 837

      Model 798

      Model 789

      Model 788 Pewter

      Model 788 Beige

      Model 787

      Model 786

      Model 783

      Model 782

      Model 780

      Model 778

      Model 769

      Model 740

      Model 758

      Model 740

      Model 739

      Model 715 Tan

      Model 715 Cafe

      Model 715 Brown

      Model 731

      Model 712

      Model 701

      Model 685

      Model 678

      Model 675

      Model 664 Yellow

      Model 664 Blue

      Model 661

      Model 659

      Model 645

      Model 640

      Model 636

      Model 635

      Model 597

      Model 592

      Model 586

      Model 565

      Model 558

      Model 553 Faux Leather

      Model 538 Brown

      Model 538 Beige

      Model 528

      Model 501

      Model 498

      Model 436

      Model 435

      Model 432 Seafoam

      Model 432 Taupe

      Model 410

      Model 395

      Model 394 Light Gold

      Model 394 Taupe

      Model 388

      Model 385

      Model 383

      Model 382

      Model 373

      Model 367

      Model 358

      Model 355

      Model 354

      Model 352 Beige

      Model 352 Pewter

      Model 346

      Model 329

      Model 321

      Model 306

      Model 282

      Model 271

      Model 271

      Model 271

      Model 269 Brown

      Model 269 Burgandy

      Model 269 Cafe

      Model 262

      Model 258

      Model 177

      Model 176 Taupe MIcrofiber

      Model 176 Seafoam Green Microfiber

      Model 166 Light Blue

      Model 166 Beige

      Model 165 Pewter

      Model 165 Lime

      Model 164

      Model 162

      Model 160 Brown

      Model 160 Oyster

      Model 145

      Model 140

      Model 133

      Model 130

      Model 119

      Model 110

      Model 107

      Model 102

      Model 101

      Most of the Selections featured on our site are in stock and available when you would like to have it. Our free storage program allows you to paint, prepare your room, and take possession when its

       The Right Time  for You!!!

      All our Sofas, Chairs, & Ottomans

      Come with Factory Warranty

      As a Manufacturer, we provide in-home repairs as a Courtesy

      To OUR CUSTOMERS... It Pays to Become One!

       Our Goal? To Help You make the Right Choice...Lowest Price / Highest Quality

        For a complete selection of our product line, please contact us and visit our facility

      Call (201) 390-9078 to advise us of your arrival so that we may make a custom presentation

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