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      Unbeatable Prices!

      5 Large selection of Sectional Sofas with Reclners, Chaise Lounges and Sleeper Beds • Choose Fabric or Leather




        Sectional Sofas

      Many to choose from. There's one thats right for you! It is a good idea to have your room-size specifications with you when you visit so we may maximize efficiency for seating capacity, & TV / Fireplace placement. Make it fit your room specifications.

      369 3pc. Ashley..Cozy Chenile..

      152 Model 2 Recliners, Soft Chenile Fabric

      965 Leather Reclining Sectional

      942 DuraBlend Sectional

      859 Sectional with Chaise on Either Side

      237 Leather with Recliners

      209 Leather with Console

      184 Chaise Lounge Either Side

              178 Recliner Drop Down Cup Holder


                           167 Chaise/Console/Leather


          144 Fabric Right or Left Side Facing Larger

      142 2 Tone Multi Throw Pillow Design


                   128 Split Seat Cushion DuraBlend Leather

             106 Armless Side for Ottoman sectional

      942 2pc. Durablend Sectional

        792 Recliner Sectional in Chenile Fabric

      760 L/R Chaise in Microfiber

      760 3pc. Cafe or Mocha Color

          552 R/L Facing Chaise/Naugahyde Accent

      546 (4) Recliners with Interior Arms

      205 2pc. Sectional DuraBlend leather


          948 Recliner Sectional Home Theater Style

      879 Home Theater with Console Convenience

      123 Button Tufted Back

      167 with Console and Glider Chaise

      152 sectional with 2 Recliners

      213 Classic in Leather and Decorator Throws

      222 Casual Leather with Contoured Seating

      278 Pewter Chenile with Recliners

      305 Tight Back with Matching Ottoman

      311 Table End Sectional with Matching Ottoman

      313 LShaped with Chaise Either Side

                  315 Dual Recliner with Console


               398 3pc. Sectional / Chaise Left or Right Side

       424 Recliner Leather Large Chaise Lounge

      445 Leather with Drop Down Console & Recliner

      448 L Sectional with Ottoman Corner

      518 Recliner/Chaise Sectional in Leather

      524 L Sectional with Chaise Left or Right Side

      545 Contemporary Leather Dual Recliners

      567 Wide Recliner Multi Piece Sectional

      578 Oversized Recliners On Each End

      583 Unusual Double Console with Tufted backs

       617 Contemporary Dual Recliner with Console

      702 Clean -Lined 2Pc. L Sectional

      704 Naugahyde Trim L Sectional

      707 Contrast Pillow Chaise Either Side

      750 Pad Over Arm Semi Attached Back Cushion

      797 Modern Multi Throw Pillow Design

      812 Chenile Fabric with Optional Ottoman

      823 Genuine Leather Classic 

      859  Oversized Chaise Sectional on Either Side

      867 Art Deco Contemporary European Look

      871 Sofa / Love Seat Sectional

      872 Love Seat Sized Sectional

      886 Luxury Leather with Contoured Seats

      896 Multi Recliner Consoled Sectional

      914 Classic Leather / Recliners / Console

      944 Family Room Style Leather with Recliners

      965 Luxury with Antique Tan Leather

      978 U-Shaped Sectional with Glider Recliner


      990 Small sectional with 2 Recliners


      Do Your Homework.....Come Equipped!

      Know the Size of Your Room

      You'll Get Maximum Efficiency Out of Your Sectional

      Sectionals  available in: Chenille, DuraPlush* Microfiber, Faux Polyester Leather, Dura Blend Leather,* and Natural Leather Match

      *DURAPELLA™ DURAPLUSH™ and DURABLEND™ are trademarks of Ashley® Furniture Industries

      Our Goal? To Help You make the Right Choice...Lowest Price / Highest Quality!


       For a complete selection of our product line, please contact us and visit our facility 

      Call (201) 390-9078 to so that we may make a custom presentation

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