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      Unbeatable Prices!




      One of our many specialities at the Sofa Specialist has been to manufacture custom seating for Restaurants, Diners, Corporate dining rooms and Fast food service eateries.  Built on premise in our factory or at site location, we have supplied commercial grade applications for establishments with high traffic volume requirements. From equipping exisiting businesses, to re-designing their entire dining room with luxury seating from scratch, our craftsmen are capable of building upholstered booths and chairs, providing the highest level of Comfort, Quality, and Performance.

             Are You LookingTo "Dress Up" Your Restaurant?

                 Here's Some Images Of Our Work at Fine Dining Establishments....

      Please note: All seating accommodations were built from scratch in our production plant....


              Hi Separator Back                 Fabric & Naugahyde™           Cozy Seating Round Booths 


               Retro 50's Look                    Multi Design Colors                Classic Rustic Decor


            Happy Days Here Again         Booths with Matching Chairs            The Corner Booth


          Hi-End Pizzeria Restaurant             ElegantAtmosphere                 Conference Rooms


      Start with a strong foundation of base materials and components

      Many of these restaurants operate 24 hours 7 days per week

      The designs must withstand the rigors of daily use and abuse

      Your patrons  are provided with clean, comfortable seating

      The End Result:  A Maintenance-Free Productive Eatery  

         "Room Decor Friendliness Will Bring Customers Back!"   

      We Use only the finest Marine Grade stain and tear-resistant material

      Our Designers will be pleased to visit your establishment

      Is your restaurant in need of repairs or reupholstery?

      Service and repairs performed at your location

      All Custom Work

                                                    BUILT IN OUR GARFIELD, N.J FACTORY BY THE SOFA SPECIALIST™

                                                     WE "STAND" BEHIND OUR WORK NOW & IN THE FUTURE

             Supplying the "Trade" for over 39 years!

      Reupholstery / Custom Mfg.

      Hardwood Lumber Dept.

      Commercial Design Group

      Our Mattress Warehouse

      Contact us at (201) 390-9078

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