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      Unbeatable Prices!


      Hotel Lobbies / Offices/ Resorts / Professional Buildings                

      These fine Custom-Made Upholstery designs reside in several fine hotels and convention centers built by the Commercial Design Group of Shelmar Furniture. The selections pictured were chosen for durability, function, aesthetics, and heavy traffic usage.  All seating units were built On-Premise in our Garfield, N.J. factory

      This same level of quality can beautify your home, office, or business reception lobby 

       Contact our Design Group Manager (ask for Jack Ragusa)...(862-591-2940) for more information

      Please Note: This Division also runs our Restaurant Seating Department

      Our Fine Furniture featured in these Hotels, Offices, Professional Buildings & Resorts

      We Build Custom Benches Too!

      Lobby Benches with Unique Design

      Furniture that stands up to the stress of volume public traffic 

      A Shelmar Sofa is BUILT TO LAST!

      Restaurant Seating Division

      Custom Sofa Manufacturing

      Our Goal? To Help You make the Right Choice... Lowest Price / Highest Quality

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