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      Unbeatable Prices!

      Bedroom Furniture               Mattress Warehouse 

      100 Models to Choose From here! 40 More if You Visit Us! 

      Most are in stock in Ashley's  Pennsylvania Warehouse or our Garfield Headquarters

      Individuals pieces or complete 9 pc. sets 

      We will "Beat" any Legitimate  internet  price from our Bedroom Gallery Selection


                   Model B664 Our Exclusive!


           Model B698 Our Exclusive!  Sleigh Bed


              BB698 Our Exclusive Canopy Included


      Model B678 Our Exclusive!


                    Model B597 Our Exclusive!


                      Model B346 Our Exclusive!

         Pine Finish

                        B219 Pine Finish Bed

      B553 North Shore Solid Wood Poster

                      B174 White-Wash Contemporary

                B208 Leather Headboard Bedroom

                B285 Contemporary Bedroom Set

                 B291 Bed in Queen & King Size

                 B672 Hardwood White Hi Dresser

                  B290 Sanibel Faux Marble Top

               B668 All Wood Traditional Bedroom

               B239 Youth Bed Avail. as Bunk Bed

                 B706 Classic Carved Regal K/S Bed

      B494 Platform Bed


                        B422   Twin Size DayBed


                       B631 Large Poster Bed


                    B233 Cottage Look Light Finish


             B429 Storage Headboard Platform Bed


             B707 Hi End Carved Classic Traditional


            B165 Padded Headbrd Storage Footboard


                   B170 Rustic Wash Look Country


                      B175 Hi Padded Headboard


              B178 Classic Clean-Lined Sleigh HB/FB


                B179 Dark Finish Vintage Classic


           B196 White Wash Finishe w. Faux Marble


            B234 Modern Contemporary Platform Bed


         B258 Rustic Poster Bed with Metal Accents


               B271 BlackContemporary Poster Bed


                  B276 Platform Bed with Plain Lines


            B291 Hi Headboard/Stoage Footboard


                   B323 Sleigh Style Transitional


              B347 Classic Traditional with Gold Detail


                376 Low style Sleigh accent style


             B402  Naugahyde™ Padded Headboard


                  B443 Classic High Profile Footboard


             B451 Spindle Headboard & Footboard


                 B489 Platform Bed/Drawer Storage


                          B511  Padded Headboard


              B520 Transitional Vintage Hi Dresser


               B527 Solid wood Sleigh Platform Bed


                 B553 Sleigh Bed Top of the Line!!!


                 B573 Classic Vintage Traditional


               B585 Transitional with 8 Drawer Dresser

      B850 Contemporary 2 Tone 


                 B707 Classic White Wash Finish


      B705 Genuine Marble Tops

      B703 2-Tone Patform Bed Contemporary


      B702 Platform Bed Frame in Black


                   B700 Dresser Cassic Clean Lines


                   B696 Low Platform Bed Look


                     B695 Solid Transitional


                B852 Contemporary White Finish


                   B693 Cream Color High Dresser


                B686 Padded Headboard Luxury


                  B682 Traditional Victorian Look

          B681 Simple SleighBed with High Dresser


      B676 High Heaboard with Low Footboard


                 B674 Heavily Padded Headboard



                           B671 Storage Footboard

                  B667 Solid Wood Transitional


              B654 Padded H.B. / Footboard Storage 


                       B619 Rustic Simple Design


               B682 Traditional French Provincial


             B601 High Poster Bed Country Design


                 B581 Spindle Headboard & Footboard


              B580 Black Finish Shelf Night Stand


                B577 Storage Footboard Sleigh Bed


                B571 High Dresser Padded Heaboard


                   B565 Unique White Finish Bed


                B551 Solid Wood Canopy Poster Bed


                  B526 Sculpturd Scroll Design Bed


                   B506 Country Cabin Flavor


                  B474 Useful Storage FootBoard


                     B473 Latice Style headboard


                        B455 Spindletop Bed


          B364 Unique Poster Bed with Gray Accents


                  B334 Detailed Scroll Work Design


                    B271 Black Finish Poster Bed


                         B270  Pure White Finish


                       B264 Transitional 2 Tone Finish


                   B258 Timberline Rustic Finish


                  B252 Light Wood Scandanavian


                      B251 Poster Bed wth Storage


                  B248  Unique Pewter Bedroom Set


                        B229 Storage Headboard


                            B213 Cottage Style Set


           B203 Modern Gray / Uniques Handles


                        B183 Budget Bedroom Set


                    B142 2 Tone Finish Contemporary


                      B139 Pure White Finish Set  


               B138 Panel Headboard Dark Finish


                  B136  2-Tone with Storage Headboard


             B128 Classic Sleigh Bed in Black Finish


                   B117 Budget Set in Merlot Finish


                     B104 Transitional Classic Look

        Our selection is 10X larger than any Retail furniture store!!! 

      Available in Queen & King Size

       See our Juvenile Bedrooms

      Bunk Beds/Twin & Full Size

      Dozens of complete bedrooms

      For your Kids> Youth Bedrooms

      Our in-home delivery service includes Full assembly and setup

      You may of course pickup

      your furniture at our facility

      Save the cost of delivery!

         Select the pieces right for you

      From the bed to the accessory items that suit your needs

      Your Choice!

      Furniture Stores have 8 or 9 sets to choose from and that's it!

      We also feature the Genuine Tempurpedic® Quality Visco Elastic 3" Memory Foam Topper

      *At a fraction of the price offered at retailers like Sleepys™

      *Visco Elastic Memory foam is sold by weight

      Our Goal? To Help You make the Right Choice...Lowest Price / Highest Quality!

      Mattress Warehouse > Lamps 

                  For a complete selection of our product line, please contact us and visit our facility               

      Call (201) 390-9078 to advise us of your arrival so that we may make a custom presentation

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