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      Unbeatable Prices!


      area rug

      Chose From Over 80 Carpets!

      A Great Way to "Bring Out" your Coffee or Dining Room Table

      Vintage / Traditional / Contemporary / Modern / Transitional Motifs

        Area Rugs     Coffee Tables > Dining Room Tables


                     Model R374


                        Model R366


                         Model R364


                          Model R360

                      Model R359

                         Model R371


                       Model R356

                          Model R351

                     Model R349


                        Model R348

                        Model R347


                          Model R346

                       Model R345


                       Model R342


                         Model R339


      Model R337

                      Model R336


                        Model R334


                        Model R333


                          Model R323

                       Model R321

                       Model R317

                       Model R316


                          Model R314

                      Model R313

                       Model R308


                        Model R303


                          Model R300


                       Model R202


                         Model R289


                        Model R287


                          Model R284

                      Model R282


                         Model R281


                       Model R280


                         Model R279

                      Model R278


                        Model R277


                        Model R276


                          Model R275


                       Model R270


                       Model R268

                       Model R265


                       Model R265-0

                 Model R265-00


                        Model R264

                       Model R260


                           Model R256


                      Model R254

                      Model R242

                       Model R241

                         Model R230

                      Model R228


                        Model R226


                        Model R223


                         Model R219

                    Model R217

                      Model R217-0

                         Model R215

                        Model R197

                       Model R191


                       Model R190


                         Model R184


                          Model R170


                        Model R168


                        Model R146


                          Model R144


                         Model R142

                        Model R139


                         Model R135


                         Model R099 


                         Model R096


                       Model R076


                         Model R061


                         Model R025

                        Model R002

      All of our Carpets are available in 5'X7' Size 

      Select ones are 8'X10' (Call for information on the oversized rugs)


      Durable, Cozy, Elegant

       Low, Low prices at the Sofa Specialist™ 


      Our Goal? To Help You make the Right Choice... Lowest Price / Highest Quality!

      Coffee Tables  > Dining Room Tables 

       For a complete selection of our product line, please contact us and visit our facility 

      Call (201) 390-9078 for a custom presentation

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